Shark® Rotator™ Lift-Away® Features and Benefits

  • Cleans the air while vacuuming
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Enhanced Swivel Steering
  • XL Capacity Dust Cup
  • No Loss of Suction Technology
  • Reduces Allergens

Hear What Other Are Saying!

"First with it's appearance it is just awesome looking, so sleek & stylish. The maneuverability of the push vacuum is unbelievable, so smooth and lightweight, turning it is a piece of cake and setting it up for caddy use takes 2 seconds, it has so many different attachments that really are so useful you can clean everywhere and anything."
- Erica O.

Scientifically Proven to reduce allergens!

For years the vacuum industry claimed having a heppa filter was the best way to trap dust and alergens. It’s time to clear the air about this dirty little secret. the truth is, Shark® Rotator™ Lift-Away® system is completely sealed. Insuring the dust and allergens you vacuum up do not escape back into the air before they even reach the hepa filter. That's good news because allergy and asthma experts such as the American Acadamy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology agree even low levels of particle pollution can be damaging to people with allergies and put children, teens and seniors at risk for things like asthma. The Shark® Rotator™ Liftaway® Complete Seal Technology locks in 99.99% of dust & allergens. That's great news for people with pets and allergies. So its no wonder that the Shark® Rotator™ Liftaway® has been awarded the British Allergy Foundations Seal of approval!

  • Convenient Canister Optional caddy accessory upgrade gives you the freedom to roll the pod along while keeping cleaning tools close by, freeing up your hands to make vacuuming quicker and easier.

  • Portable Lift Away Vacuum Lightweight, removable canister ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery or accessing small, hard to reach areas around your home and car.

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** VIP Warranty not valid outside the contiguous U.S.